There are charges on my card for a “failed” order!

I see charges on my online credit card statement for orders that did not successfully go through in addition to one that did. When you submit your card info it is either approved or declined. If declined by the processor the charge will not show on your statement. If however you card passes the initial approval but is put on “hold” because your shipping and billing address do not match or because there is a subsequent issue with the charge it will show as pending on your bill for between 3 and 7 days depending on your credit card company’s policy. It does not mean you will acutally be charged. Our credit card processor has to submit the charge for it to be paid, your credit card company just uses the pending charge to indicate your card has room for the charge and is valid. In the case of orders voided or cancelled by us the charge will not be presented for payment and will “fall off” your statement within the credit card company’s timeline.