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8.6 Blackout is Real!

“8.6 Blackout” was developed by Q as the “Big Brother” to the 300 Blackout. Q teamed up with Faxon Firearms to make the barrels which are sparsely available today for AR-10 and the Remington 700 platforms.

8.6 BLK – what is it? 

The 8.6 Blackout is widely spoken of as the “big brother” of 300 Blackout. The new caliber, developed by Q, completely re-imagines energy on target by using a faster twist rate – 1:3, compared to the popular twist rates of 1:7 and 1:8 for calibers like 5.56 NATO and 300 BLK.

What about the round itself? 

It’s a low-pressure cartridge utilizing a shortened 6.5 Creedmoor case, for use of subsonic and high BC 338 projectiles. And no, you won’t need any special mags for this ammo – it will fit in a standard 308 mag.  Ammo will be avaialble in 230-350 grain subsonicand 160-230 supersonic loadings. 

Why do I want an 8.6 BLK gun? 

When paired with a suppressor, these 300 grain bullets are as quiet as a .22. Plus, with the 1:3 twist, the bullet goes further and impacts harder than your traditional 1:7 twist bullet. The extra rotation is giving the bullet more spin, allowing it to travel further with more punch and expand at a lower velocity. 

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A3GMunitions adds Venom Defense and Design products to our inventory

Ladies and Gents, A3G Munitions is a dealer for Venom Defense and Design. We stock the ANTI-VENOM AR9 9mm Compensator and the VIPER .223/5.56mm Compensator. We have tested many compensators in house and feel that these offer the best performance. 

If muzzle weight is a concern we really like their Titanium versions as well. 

Our complete line of .223/5.56mm ammo works very well with this comp and we are about to announce our 9mm PCC loads that maximize the effectiveness of any AR9 Compensator.

Take a closer look at these on our web site or find me at a 3gun match and demo any of my rifles that are sporting one of these.