Shipping and Other FAQs

Why am I getting an error that says my credit card billing address does not match? As a reseller of firearms, ammunition and gun parts we are held to a higher standard. While most online retailers only match you billing zip code our system requires your street address and your zip code to match what your credit card company has on file. That said we still get a few errors a week from the credit card processor mostly on billing addresses that are PO Boxes.

Can I call and place an order over the phone? Unfortunately no. As a gun dealer the credit card companies assume we are all crooked so we never see nor do we want to see your credit card information. When you enter your card info it bypasses us and goes straight to the processor for validation; we never see your card nnumber or any other info.

I see charges on my online credit card statement for orders that did not successfully go through in addition to one that did. When you submit your card info it is either approved or declined. If declined by the processor the charge will not show on your statement as pending. If however you card passes the initial approval but is put on “hold” because your shipping and billing address do not match or because there is a subsequent issue with the charge it will show as pending on your bill for between 3 and 7 days depending on your credit card company. It does not mean you will acutally be charged. Our credit card processor has to submit the charge for it to be paid, your credit card company just uses the pending charge to indicate your card has room for the charge and is valid. In the case of orders voided or cancelled by us the charge will not be presented for payment and will “fall off” your statement.

We love the USPS and their flat rate program. We will use this whenever possible.

We do not by default insure your packages. If you want insurance please make sure that is selected understanding that at a certain dollar value the carrier will require a signature upon delivery.

Because of all the fraud in the world we only ship to the billing address on the purchaser’s credit card, unless you are ordering a firearm in which case that MUST ship to an FFL holder of your choosing. If there are extenuating circumstances that make it important for your non-firearm order to be shipped to a different address please email me at and I will work with you to get the package where you want it. That said, PLEASE do not email me expecting us to ship a product to a state where it is not allowed.

All loaded ammunition will go via ground service. Loaded ammo does not incur a hazmat charge. ALL loaded ammo will require an adult signature upon delivery.

Powder and Primers incur a hazmat charge. This is per the carrier and we do not receive any of this fee. We can ship up to 4 cases of primers and 32lbs of powder on one hazmat charge. The current hazmat charge is $35.00 and does not include the actual shipping charges. If you would like a specialized quote on a large order of powder and/or primers please contact us via email, and we will be happy to customize a quote on in-stock items.

Drop shipping: we do have the ability to drop ship from some of our suppliers to you. If you have special requests for your delivery please make sure you provide clear notes in the order comments.

We try to box things very well but if a shipment arrives looking like the Samsonite Gorilla spent a bad week with it please take photos before opening the package. If something inside is damaged email us the photos and we will work with the carrier to make things right.

Thank you for considering a purchase from us and be safe.