Credit Card Billing Address Error

Why am I getting an error that says my credit card billing address does not match? As a reseller of firearms, ammunition and gun parts we are held to a higher standard than all other web based stores. While most online retailers only match you billing zip code our system requires your street address and your zip code to match the data that your credit card company has on file for you. Less than 1% of the transactions have this issue and it is most commonly a case where someone has moved and because they pay all their bills online they forgot that they never updated their physical address with theor card company. That said we still get a few errors a month even though all the address data is correct on billing addresses that are PO Boxes or Street names that begin with numbers. Apparently the credit card folks have an antiquated set of programs that want to see a street number followed but a street name that has no numbers. Please give us a call if you run into this issue, 770-776-6611, and we will get you squared away.