Do I have to ship to my credit card billing address?

Because we deal in ammunition, guns and gun parts and because of all of the fraud in the world, we only ship to the billing address on the purchaser’s credit card; unless you are ordering a firearm in which case that MUST ship to an FFL holder of your choosing. If you enter an order with a different billing and shipping address it will be held for our review. I understand that folks may want their package shipped to their office so rather than preventing an order with differeing addresses from being placed we will allow the order and we will call you to find out the circumstances around the address difference. Please Please Please make sure the phone number you enter is correct. If you want to be proactive you can place the explanation in the order notes or email me at In any case I will work with you to get the package where you want it. That said, PLEASE do not email me expecting us to ship a product to a state where it is not allowed. Also please note that if both addresses are residential we must speak to you before the order is taken off hold status. If we call and get a disconnected or invalid number we will cancel your order and there will be a 20% restocking fee.

P.S. California mandates that ammo be shipped to an FFL. We will ship to CA but need you to make sure your chosen FFL will accept shipments from other FFL Dealers. Please tell us who your FFL is with their phone number in the order notes.